Saturday, November 29, 2008

Look of Love

Caleb had a home visit with his dad over Thanksgiving. In a photo, Caleb sits with his legs crossed and appears relaxed, reading a book in his favorite chair. He looks happy. This makes me smile. Every little thing in life matters—sometimes so much more than the big stuff.

What is your big stuff?

Does it really matter so much?

Try making a glance at a loved one turn into a meaningful gaze. If this is hard—practice.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Time

A Poem for Caleb

Tromping through coastal grass and brambles, I overlook flood plain, mineral rights and agricultural exemption. In the spider's dewy web and butterfly's dance, in the cool green/brown air, I search for a trail to walk with you. We will sit on the porch of a wooden house at nighttime. Do you hear the rain on the tin roof? Do you taste the roasted marshmallows of Summer and Fall? It's like you're a child again. Touch the angel's wings at Christmastime. Let the glitter fly. I will see you there. I will hold your hand very long times at a time, after the scheduled meals are gone, the assigned sheets washed crisp, folded, and put away. I will play dominoes with you before the fire. The table is broken now, but we will fix it together. One day we will hammer and sand and paint. Close your eyes. Mama cooks dinner. Smell the bread rising.