Saturday, April 11, 2009

Resurrection Blessing

Well, it seems March just poofed by and here we are in the middle of April. I think that is because March was sort of horrendous for Caleb. He visited the ER for twelve stitches in his head and has broken those stiches apart a few times since then. He is now wearing a helmet and big, puffy mitts on his hands. My last two visits were not so great, because I generally depend heavily on an itinerary of one hands-on activity after another. I take my bag of tricks - puzzles, coloring etc... - and we work together as if I were his tutor. I get my Mommy talks and hugs and kisses in there. He gets his smelling of my hand and touching my earrings and hair in there, but the structured activites really work for us. This helps keep pesky obsessions under control. But you can't very well put together a craft or a puzzle, sort colored marbles or even eat a snack with huge puffy mitts on. So after last weekend, which was truly a disaster, I hesitated to visit my sweetheart today. But I couldn't help it. It's Easter tomorrow, he goes to Austin State School on Wednesday for a thirty day placement - medication adjustments - and I wanted to see him very badly. So I went. I thank God I did. My prayers were answered. Caleb and I had a precious time. He did not remove the mitts, manhandle me or hit his head until it bled. Instead, he watched me work a puzzle while I talked to him and he listened and sometimes replied, he watched me color a picture and again listened, and he listened to a storybook and about fifteen minutes of The Bible. He laughed. He hugged me twice - spontaneously - and did not cry once. This is my Resurrection Blessing! Praise to God, who is always good.