Saturday, August 22, 2009


Caleb is very skinny these days. Not sure why. Everything falls off of him. Today we will visit and I pray that he looks better. At one point he was noticably overweight and this was due to medications, which was also worrisome. Since the stint at Austin, he is on barely any meds at all. With this med reduction, I have noticed some regression as far as language use and level of compulsion. I pray and pray for my child, yet feel helpless to change his life most of the time.

This blog: This blog is quite skinny as well. I know. Most of the time it seems I'm only confirming, to some of you, that you aren't the only ones with feelings of inadequacy or despair. Maybe that isn't enough. All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Well, here is a positive thought: Today, the sun still shines, rain still falls, plants continue to grow. Yes, we are alive under God's watchful eye, and there is hope.