Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sweet Sleeper

My visit with Caleb was sweet and odd. He was very sleepy and kept sleeping and waking up periodically to look at me and smile and wrap his arm tighter around my arm, smell my hand, and pull my arm and hand to his chest. Then he would go straight back to sleep. Other than that I just sang to him, talked to him, prayed for him, and gently massaged his arms, touched his face and hair—all while staring at him while he slept. Dan raised a lot of money for the school, through business contacts, and so now they are talking about what to do to make Caleb's room nicer. I said if they would give him a little extra attention it would be worth more than anything money can buy. The house manager took Caleb's Viewmaster and locked it away for him to use once or twice a day, as I have asked many, many times before. I guess she felt sorry for me because I almost dropped a tear when I said if he could have some of his things locked safely away and then offered to him daily, that would help me to be a little less broken-hearted. I said that would be much more important than a new dresser. After that she also suggested a rug for his room, which blessed me. I didn't think anyone there gave much thought to his comfort, like bare feet on a cold floor in the morning, or bare feet on a nice, soft rug. Now I know that at least one person cares. Also met a nice night nurse who said sometimes Caleb plays possum. I know he does. I was glad she knew that from her own observation. God is good. He holds Caleb's hands. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Valentine

Valentine's Day will soon be here. I'm reminded of one of my favorite Valentines. I have a picture, but it's part of a collage now, hanging on my office wall. Caleb had just turned four, so it's 1988. He wears a paper crown which I think was decorated by his brother and sister. Of course, the crown has red and pink hearts and cute designs all over it. He also wears a soft,checked, red, white and blue flannel shirt. A yellow, paisley patterned bandana covers his neck and chin. (Big sis definitely decked him out in that bandana ☺) He looks like a prince, holding court on the couch. Caleb's eyes, and all of him, smile straight into the camera lens. I hear the giggles of the chubby little guy. A beautiful memory.

Let's all cherish those we love. ♥