Friday, April 4, 2008

In This Crazy World

The Bible says we will have tribulation in this crazy world. I would say my family is there right about now. The past few days have been a rollercoaster ride of E.R. visits, Dr. appts, wall slams, head butts, pinches, slugs, sleepless nights, and bites. In between all that there have been wonderful hugs and looks of prescience from Caleb. (the fleeting I'm-so-in-here-please-help-me-get-out look) What is going on? Caleb was taken off of Depacote (an old seizure drug) because of bad liver function numbers and Depacote was replaced with a newer seizure drug and another drug. Sorry, but these names escape me at the moment. That change in his body chemistry is factual. Now for speculative factors, which may or may have added to Caleb's heightened trauma: 1. dietary alterations 2. additional client added to his house 3. staff in group home not sure what to do 4. increased awareness increases frustration 5. he's a drug addict and needs to be clean ( read the Ann Bauer article at So, there are facts and there are theories yet to be proven. In the old days, autism was thought to be caused by the mother's cold attitude toward her child, so even though I am the one for innovative avenues of hope, I also believe in science and proof—or disproof. But life goes on and so far today, no call from the dayhab, hospital, case worker, etc... The place where Caleb lives and goes to the day program is wonderful, in my estimation, but one problem, they are humans. So, like Caleb's parents, they don't have every answer or every ability. We all work with what we have at the time the dark stuff hits the fan, then later we get together as a team and clean the walls the best we can before the next thing happens. Right now I must count my blessings. I am thankful for Caleb's father and his eternal devotion to our son. I am thankful for The United Bible Fellowship Ministries, where Caleb lives. I am thankful for Gary Doddridge, Caleb's case worker with Tri-County MHMR. I am thankful for the prayers and support of my husband, my friends, and my family. I am thankful to God that right now Caleb's paperwork is being evaluated at Brenham State School, where the goal is to take him off of all medications and begin to find the young man now locked inside. Please pray. Thanks for being there. Btw, the blog mentioned above is my son Cliff's blog. Cliff is a brave 25 year old, gifted father, husband, son, creator of websites, linquist, English teacher in Japan, who grapples with autistic symptoms himself. I hope you will read his story. You may note my ex-husband's story as the second post, with beautiful pics of Caleb. By that post it will seem that Caleb has no mother. Otherwise the blog is true.

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