Saturday, April 19, 2008

One Caleb Smile

One thing worried me and that worry was obliterated by one Caleb smile.

When I first visited Brenham State School, to check it out as an option, I liked everything I saw except that opening at the top of the wall partition between two bedrooms. Well, that and a possibility for two roommates when he was used to privacy and quiet.

Last Wednesday, April 16, 2008, Caleb was admitted to BSS for some much-needed help. There is no roommate for now. But the greatest thing, the great Caleb smile-inducer, is this: On Wednesday, he had been fidgeting and behaving nervously in general. He knew what was up and I'm sure there was apprehension about moving to yet another new place. But when Caleb heard his next door housemates talking—through that opening between the wall partition and the ceiling—he perked up. Something in what they said seemed to relax him. He understood the meaning in their language whereas I did not. His smile was a knowing one. Like maybe he would like the place.

A sense of community maybe?

For the next two to three weeks my job is to allow Caleb to adjust. I must rest in God. A tough job for me, but the memory of Caleb's smile will be my strong companion.

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