Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Letter to Caleb

Hi Sweetheart,
I missed you so much this weekend when I was out of town. I thought of living on a farm with you. Maybe you would like being free to roam the pastures, but then again, maybe you wouldn't like the cows and other animals so much. But you might adjust. One day we may find out. Anyway, I wished you were with me in Fredericksburg the entire time. As I found out tonight, you missed me very much as well. The temper tantrums need to stop, Caleb. I love you and try to keep the schedule. Next time I leave I will call and explain. But please don't bite yourself and hit your head anymore. No need to scream. Your parents both love you and also Tamina and many, many other people. You are not alone. Please don't pick the hurt places on your body. I'll see you tomorrow. I pray your rest is sweet.

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