Saturday, April 26, 2008

Missing My Child - Hanging On

There are some wonderful people in Caleb's new world. Mary and Susan, the full-time, on-campus nurses actually working with me by giving Caleb the supplements I've tried for so long to get caregivers to give, and who Caleb seems to like already; Marilyn, the speech therapist doing her darndest to capture an assessment; then there's Shawn, Kim, Detrick, Debra, the doctors, the physical therapist I missed meeting but who is working to get Caleb on an adult trike; and there are many, many others. Wow. Caleb has a nutritionist, doctors of every specialty, psychologists onsite around the clock. He has a caregiver with him one on one through this adjustment period. Caleb has everything he needs at his fingertips except his parents and family.

His dad and I have been instructed to give Caleb time to understand that this is his home and his community. That never took at the two group homes which were near to us. Maybe our frequent visits and trips to our homes added to his troubles.

It is a bittersweet time and soon we will have a bittersweet reunion. I am gathering strength to hopefully not cry when I see him.

We love you Caleb. You are with us in our hearts right now. I am making you a picture book. We are cheering you on and we will see you soon! xxoo

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